Easy Seekh Kebab Recipe

Seekh kebab is easily one of my favourite starters. I think my love came for seekh kebab came from my many mixed grill conquests over the years – but not all desi pubs do this well in my opinion.

I feel that seekh kebab is best with lamb mince and I believe that’s where a lot of desi pubs fall down. To cut costs, and understandably so, a lot of restaurants use a mixture of lamb and chicken mince.

I have found that the general rule of thumb is that if the seekh kebab is smaller, it’s usually lamb mince. If it’s a longer seekh kebab then it’s usually a mix.

My recipe combines the best of both worlds. A bigger portion of kebab – without compromising flavour.

This recipe will add a little bit of a kick to the kebab too which I feel is more a necessity.

You can air-fry these kebabs but I believe the best way to cook these is under the grill. The meat can often dry out when using the air fryer.

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Seekh Kebab

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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Servings 4 kebabs


  • Kebab Skewers


  • 500 g lamb mince 20% fat mince works best
  • 5 tbsp Matt Cooper Bites Seekh Kebab Spice Blend


  • Break up your mince into smaller pieces and add to a mixing bowl
  • Take 1tbsp of Matt Cooper Bites Seekh Kebab Spice Blend and add to the mince. Now it's time to get your hands dirty and mix the spice blend into the mince.
  • Repeat the above step 4 times with the remaining spice blend, making sure all of the lamb mince is consistently covered in the spice blend.
  • You can leave the mince to marinade for an hour for best results but it's not essential.
  • To build the kebab, take ¼ of the seasoned mince and roll into a ball in between your hands. Once you've formed a ball, you should then slowly roll the ball into more of a sausage shape. You can do this by rolling it on the work surface but if you don't like mess, you can still do it in between your hands.
  • Repeat the above step for the rest of the mince.
  • Insert the skewers through the middle of the kebab and then gently press the kebab along the skewer. If you are using the air fryer, you should skip this step.

Cooking with skewers under the grill (for best results)

  • Turn the grill onto maximum and cook the skewers for 20 minutes. Turn them every 5 minutes.

Cooking in the air fryer

  • Place the seekh kebabs in the air fryer and cook for around 12 minute at 200℃


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